Why You Shouldn’t Go The DIY Route When Replacing Your Roof

When it comes to roof replacement, Amarillo homeowners have the option of doing it on their own or hiring the services of a professional roofer to do the job. Roof replacement seems like an easy job but that’s not true. It is a highly complex job and that is why experts recommend hiring a professional roofer for roof replacement. If you think that your roof is old enough to be replaced, there are a few reasons why DIY is not a good option when replacing your roof.

It won’t be wrong to say that roof is the most important part of your home and it’s not exactly cheap to fix it or replace it. However, you need a lot of experience and a lot of costly tools to do the job in a proper manner. Many DIYers often do not have the knowledge and tools required to replace the roof in a proper manner. In many cases, they do improper installation and that costs a lot more money in the long run.

Do not forget that an improperly installed roof is much more prone to leaks as well as falls in the storm which may not only cause major damage to the home but also to the people living inside. In other words, the best way to get your roof installed in a perfect manner is to get it installed from a professional, local Amarillo roofing company with a lot of experience in this field.

Working on a roof is not easy as one has to stand on the roof for a number of hours. Professional roofing companies provides proper training to the employees to ensure that they take proper care of themselves when they are working on the roof. In other words, they follow the standard safety precautions. On the other hand, you may not be aware of the proper safety precautions and that may lead to a serious injury when you are installing your roof.

Do not forget that the roof on a one story home can be around 15 to 20 feet in height and falling from that height can result in serious head injury or broken bones. In other words, it’s not safe to install roof on your own if you do not have the proper experience and are not aware of the safety precautions to be taken.

When you hire a professional roofer, you often get warranty for workmanship as well as building materials. Even if there is an issue at a later date, you can give them a call and they will fix the issues for free. On the other hand, when you replace the roof on your own, you have no recourse as all the problems are of your own making. Since you do not have any experience in roof installation, you are more likely to make mistakes and fixing those mistakes may turn out to be very costly.

Another advantage of hiring a professional roofing contractor is that they can finish the job within a few days. In fact, most professional roofers usually complete the job in just 2 to 3 days, especially if they are from the Amarillo metroplex area. On the other hand, when you are replacing a roof for the first time, you are more likely to take more than a few days. It is also likely that you will waste a lot more material in comparison.

Overall, these are some of the advantages of hiring a professional roofer as compared to replacing the roof on your own. Initially, it may be cheaper replacing the roof on your own, the truth is that you will pay a lot more in the long-term, especially when you do not have any experience and are likely to make a number of mistakes.

Good Church Requires Good Business

Not too long ago I was invited to speak to a group of pastors about the necessity of engaging in good business practices within the church. I found this topic to be fascinating because so much public opinion about nonprofit, or religious organizations is shaped largely by there financial responsibility or irresponsibility. Nothing will shatter and the public’s opinion of a particular group like financial corruption. Sadly my estimation is that the majority of financial ruin comes to organizations that are run by volunteers who, because of a lack of training, or experience, have made honest mistakes that result in the demise of the organization they love.

It is easy to see why the topic of legitimate business practices is necessary in the realm of church work. The pastor of First Baptist Church in Corpus Christi contacted me to speak to the local association of churches in Corpus Christi TX in hopes that I could help them function within the law of the land as they carried out their mission to serve the people of their area. I was excited at the challenge that was presented to me, because I hope that churches or other organizations dedicated to the public good will bear in mind some of the most important legal requirements set before them by the US government.

I’m sure you can understand why this article cannot contain the specific tax regulations that are unique to churches and nonprofit organizations, but I hope that the points that are made here can be guideposts for you as you attempt to function within the rules of our federal government to benefit those who are in need. There’re simply too many variations of tax law, codes, and special circumstances to begin to discuss here. However, there are many qualified tax professionals in your area that can help you to function within the law and maintain your credibility with the public.

When I look at the specific circumstances that surround churches, I realized there are three distinct questions that churches must ask of themselves in order to determine what kind of business they are. By determining what kind of business you are, you can then begin to determine what kind of role you play both in the community, as well as with in our federal tax and banking system. Opening our eyes and recognizing what is expected of us does not diminish the sanctity of the church, it only helps to legitimize our function as a service organization. If you will answer these questions honestly, you will likely find yourself far less stressed about how to function within our tax and banking systems.

  1. How big/complex is our church? Being that I was asked to participate in this discussion by the pastor at FBC Corpus Christi I use them as the example to discuss some of the unique characteristics available to churches. This first question that is asked of every church may not seem that important, but after you recognize how diverse some churches can be, this question begins to make much more sense. If a particular church has, as is in the case of First Corpus; a daycare, a school, catering facilities, recreation department, health and fitness centers open to the public, or any other unique features that stand to create even more complexity within their financial system, your CPA must be made aware of these relationships so that he or she can correctly itemize every unique filing of your taxes. Your banking system alone will be complex enough that you will likely recognize the need to investigate special circumstances regarding employees, utilities, donations, and a wide variety of other financial rules and regulations.
  2. What kind of employees do we have? This is the question that seems to stump more people than any other. It may seem silly to ask what kind of employees we have as a church, but the fact of the matter is churches have some of the most specific types of employees known to our financial systems. Not only is there a distinction between pastors, Clergy, and support staff, but there are also unique distinctions within those groups. For instance, it is possible to be pastor who has not been ordained or licensed, which would make this particular person an employee of the church that receives a W-2 at the end of the year. However, if this particular employee chooses to opt out of paying Social Security tax, he can alter his tax status so that he is seen as self-employed instead of as an employee. Additionally there are a variety of special circumstances unique to associate pastors that cannot be applied to senior pastors. Although this seems like a bunch of semantic jibber jabber, the distinctions churches make about their employees is crucial to reporting taxes honestly. Even after you determine what kind of reporting each staff member will make, there are a significant number of differences between the kinds of compensation each class of employee is able to receive.
  3. What’s the best system of Checks and Balances for our particular situation? One of the current buzzwords for churches today seems to be “transparency.” And although the word may be used a little bit too much in pop culture it is easy to see how transparency within the finances of the church are critical for the survival of the organization. A system of checks and balances in your financial reporting and documentation is crucial if you hope to function within your community rather than outside of your community. Many churches choose to cloak their financial documentation within a shroud of secrecy, but the secrecy that is sought by many of these churches only serves to create an opportunity where financial miscommunication can be perceived as fiduciary misconduct. When there is a system of checks and balances, especially when churches invite a third-party into their financial reporting process, they are also inviting both honesty and leniency if and when a financial mistake is made. When churches, who are regularly audited by a third-party, discover that a financial mistake has been made, they are able to make restitution for that problem. When churches have failed to adhere to any type of financial accountability discover a financial problem, they typically continue to hide their financial blunder. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but if and when this financial mistake is made public, the cover-up tends to be the only element remembered by the community.

By the end of our conversation, the churches involved in this conversation, each expressed a sober respect for the need for financial compliance in reporting and filing financial documents. However, for me the more important outcome, was a heightened recognition of the need for Communication between the systems that keep our records, and the lives affected by the integrity of those systems.

Should I Convert my Inherited Land to a Game Property

I was recently asked an interesting question. It wasn’t a question of ethical hunting or why some people choose to hunt animals, it was instead a question of economics. The question was simple, but had some extraordinary complications to its answer. A friend of mine, knowing that I have been a hunter my entire life, and recognizing that there is a positive economic upside to having good game property, asked me if the land that he had recently inherited from his grandmother could be converted into a profitable Game property. He tried to sell me on the property before he even asked the question by saying it had the best whitetail hunting in West Texas, but was simply unknown to the hunting market. But to be honest, the quality of game is only one part of the overall decision to convert agricultural property into game property.

Before we talk about the economic ramifications of such a decision, first, I would like to give you some details about this property in case you are currently or at some point in time the future facing a decision similar to this.

The property in question is located at 14 miles north east of San Angelo Texas. The property has not been used as a hunting property in the past. Though some family members have harvested deer on the property, there have been no paying customers, and as result, the taxes associated with the property are strictly agricultural. There is a small creek that runs along the Western boundary, which flows six or eight months out of the year. There’s a small home on the northwest corner that has not been lived in in at least 20 years. Other agricultural or game ranches, none of which use high fences, surround the property.

So we find ourselves back at this question. Is it possible to own a small piece of land in an otherwise competitive industry, and profit year-over-year as a result of paid hunts. The short answer is yes. However, due to the fact that this landowner does not live in the area, and has no background or interest in hunting, it would be far more profitable for him to lease the land to a hunting outfitter. This will ensure that the highest quality hunting resources are used on the property, while at the same time being managed and maintained by professionals who care about the long-term development of the property and its animals. Additionally there is a slight tax break when a property is being leased for hunting rather than being claimed as exclusive hunting property. This can help to ensure that the overall hunting profit is not outweighed by the taxes associated with owning game property.

My advice to anyone who is interested in this kind of endeavor would be to find professionals in the area who have a history with the area, and allow them to make the decisions about how the property is developed so that the highest quality animals are raised, and the best Financial outcome can be reached for both you and them.

The last thing you want to do is try to compete with a large corporation who understands the business, has thousands upon thousands of acres to choose from, and a history of successful hunts when you are simply trying to get into the game with a small piece of property and little to no history of guided hunts.

Carpets: A Buyers Guide

Wood floors are classic and beautiful. There is, however, a certain comfort and appeal that wood floors can’t give to your home. The right kind of carpet, though, can not only change the aesthetic of a room for the better but can also add a sense of comfort, of welcoming relaxation, that is important for making your home or business truly feel as it should.

When it comes to choosing the right carpet, there are a few things property owners need to consider. First, for our own edification, let’s discuss the process of carpet manufacturing.

Carpets are mostly made out of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. These fibers are placed into what is called a blending and opening machine. Then a carting machine dis-entangles the fibers, straightening them into lines and then into wider bands. These bands are then placed into cans which are connected to a drawing frame. The drawing frame takes the bands and makes loose threads, which are put on spools. Threads of two spools are twisted together to make a single stronger thread. Then two of the stronger threads are twisted together to make a two-ply yarn. This yarn is heated so that the threads do not separate.

Spools of this yarn are put in the tufting machine, which, with thousands of spools and thousands of needles, stitches the yarn onto a canvas backing. Next this pile carpet is dyed. There are a couple of different methods for dyeing and then “curing” the carpet. The next step is to glue a polypropolene backing to the canvas backing. After an oven evaporates the excess glue, the carpet is then cut into standard 100 foot rolls.

What kinds of carpets are there?

There are two main types of carpet, cut pile and loop pile. Both of these have several styles to choose from.

Cut Pile

A cut pile carpet is very durable, with dense tufts and tight twists of yarn. The styles one can choose from are:

  • Plush: Smooth finish for a more formal look.
  • Textured: A mixed height carpet with low density fibers this carpet is less formal and great at hiding dirt, but is not good for areas with high traffic.
  • Saxony: With fibers longer than a textured carpet, a Saxony has a smooth finish. The fibers, however, have a twist to them. This is statistically the most popular carpet, which is slightly odd because it does tend to show marks and footprints more so than other carpets.
  • Cable: The cable is designed to give a “cozy” feeling, especially when walked on. This is accomplished by the use of longer and thicker fibers.
  • Frieze: Also known as “shag” when the piles are longer, this carpet is not for a formal setting. This has long fibers with lots of twists, creating a unique texture.

Loop Pile

The loop pile gets its name from the fact that the yarn tips are not cut, making the loops visible. Thought of as an “all-purpose carpet”, the loop pile is a durable choice. The styles for loop pile carpets are:

  • Level Loop or Berber: The loop fibers are packed and short, which makes the carpet durable for high use areas. This carpet has an informal appearance.
  • Cut and Loop: The cut and loop is, as it sounds, a mixture of the two carpet types. This mix gives a certain texture that is great for high use areas. It also is good at hiding stains and dirt.
  • Patterned Multi-Level Loop: To create textures and patterns, this carpet features loops at varying heights.

Carpets are a great investment in the value and comfort of your home or business. Therefore it is important that they receive require maintenance. Of course regular vacuuming is a must. And it is always good to clean stains or soiled areas as quickly as possible. It is also very important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to come in and take care of the cleaning that conventional methods can’t accomplish.

It is very easy to find a carpet cleaner in your area or nearby. For instance, if you live in West Texas you might search for carpet cleaning Amarillo, because chances are you can find a reputable company willing to come to your home town and service your home.

When choosing a company, there are a few things you need to look at. Make sure they have an IICRC approval. Also, look for testimonials on their website. Check to see if they give free inspections, and don’t trust anyone who does not offer a guarantee for their work.

With those simple thoughts in mind, you’re ready to choose the right carpet for your home or business and keep it in pristine condition for years to come.

Finding A New Church To Call Home

There is nothing as powerful as listening to the word of God when you are feeling down. Sometimes a person feels overwhelmed by things going wrong in their lives. What brings comfort in such instances is a message from anointed men of God.

This is what happened to me last month. I decided to make Google my friend by searching for a church in my hometown, so I casually entered “churches in plainview tx” into into the box and hit search. I had no idea really what I was looking for, or even what I might find. After all, many people believe that you can’t get a serious church online. So I clicked on one of the first results I found and decided to follow their sermons.

Allow me to share with you my first experience that has made me follow their services over and over again.

The church is very friendly. One may wonder how I got to know about this and I never visited them, but I can say without fear of doubt that I was received very well by the pastor. He first introduced himself and the church he was coming from to ensure that everyone listening to him felt comfortable. To me that was a warm gesture because true to his words I felt comfortable.

church prayer

The prayers followed after that to ensure that I was well prepared spiritually. The manner the prayers were conducted really relieved my problems. One was allowed to write all their petitions and repeat them with the pastor. Through this I poured my heart out and felt that a baggage was lifted off my shoulder.

Bible study followed shortly where he read a verse which related so well with what I was going through. This was another prove that the church was real preaching the word of God. The reading of the bible reflected that the church was willing to teach their congregation about the importance of reading the bible. For me this worked miracles because I was allowed to meditate and listen to my inner voice. A quiet period followed and he requested everybody to pray for themselves. He insisted that when troubles arise in a person’s life, one should know how to pray before asking people to pray for them.

The sermon followed and it was very simplified. One thing I have realized about many churches I have visited or rather followed through online is the way they use theological words. This leaves the followers with unanswered questions since they never come to understand whatever was preached. With this church, the typical man could understand very well. He made the sermons so simple by explaining the word of God step by step. It helped me to relate well with what he was preaching.

Who thought there is singing and dancing when listening to word of God online? With this one, the singing is included in their services. My husband thought I was going crazy but believe me he joined me in the singing. The Stonebridge Church choir is so powerful and you could relate this by the way their voices and instruments blended. There were no loud noises and this allowed me to hear every word uttered by the choir.

After the singing people were organized in groups for sharing purposes. For those who were following online the same was done. We were each assigned a partner whom we shared with our experiences, challenges and difficulties in life. When I listened to my partner, I realized my problem were lighter. The pastor did this to help each person understand that we all have problems and someone’s problems might be heavier than the other. This was a true inspiration because it helped me appreciate life more and I realized that once you have a problem sharing can give positive results.

Lastly, people came back to share their experiences with whatever they shared. Contacts were exchanged and people assigned prayer partners. I pray for myself and pray for others who need prayers to date. This has made me grow in this journey of faith and involve God in everything I do.

So for people searching for a new church whether online or in a new town, these are some of good pointers to help you get started. A good church allows its members to interact well with their preachers while gaining spiritually.

Find A Quality Lubbock Roofing Company

Finding a roofer is not always an easy task, especially when many of the roofing businesses don’t make it any easier. When selecting a quality Lubbock roofing company, home and business owners should consider a lot of different components before deciding who to work with. Variances in pricing, experience and service will be just a few of the factors which clients should consider, to ensure that their roofing project is done properly and safely. Consider each aspect suggested to help you sort through each of the available roofing companies, and find the one that’s right for you.

Process of Hiring a Roofer

1. Research the roofing contractors in your area; find out what kind of experience they have and consider their testimonials, if available.

2. Get in touch with each of the contractors and request a quote on your roofing project.

3. Based on the comparisons of professionalism, availability and pricing of each company, decide on the contractor that suits you best.

4. Your roofer will provide you with a contract to look over; ensure you read through every single point and agree to these terms before signing.

Certification & Written Content

There is no state-wide licensure that is required of roofers; however you can request to see their license and permit that allows them to work in the county you are located in. You should also request to see a contractor’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) certification, as well as a workplace insurance.

roof repair

Training and Experience

It is important that your roofing contractors possess the proper training and experience to ensure that the project is completed safely and properly. There are a number of things you should consider before the roofing project begins including:

  • Years in the business: Companies who have been around for many years can be expected to have strong experience in a wide variety of projects.
  • Experienced team members: Employees that have long-term employment and are trusted members of the company.
  • Safety: Companies with five or more members should have their own safety policy, and require that their team members partake in annual safety courses, first aid and CPR

Honesty of Service

Experienced contractors should be able to recognize the specific needs of each project, and offer the best advice for what they think is the best solution for your roofing needs. Companies should also offer you a free estimate prior to being chosen; this offers good faith in their advice and services. Contractors should never try to sell client’s products and services they do not need, and they should always take into account and respect the client’s spending budget.

Some roofing companies may offer free repairs for a specific amount of time after they have built or repaired your roofing. Depending on the contractor, there may also be a 24-hour repair service available at all times throughout the year, which can be helpful for problems that occur in the evening and on weekends. Consider a company’s availability before deciding, to ensure that they are the most accessible when you need them.

Contractors should never accept any type of payment until the job is completeand the client is satisfied. Make sure that when looking through your contract that you are not responsible for payment until the project is entirely finished.

Testimonials From People With Experience With The Roofer

A professional roofing company should have a testimonial section either on their website or at their place of work. These testimonials will be from previous clients, who are offering their honest feedback on their experience with the company. Avoid companies who claim they have been in the business for years, but offer no feedback from any previous clients. If they are a new company it may be difficult to know what kind of quality they offer; word of mouth from previous clients may help you in this situation.


Roof repair should be a stress-free process when you choose the right roofing contractors. Consider these extra steps that contractors may take to give you peace of mind:

  • Constant updates on the state of the repair
  • Providing an on-site supervisor to ensure safety protocols are always in tact
  • Offering you any paperwork you request of them including safety policies, insurance contracts, and more
  • Arriving on time every scheduled day and ending the project on time
  • Arriving with the proper equipment, tools and material needed to complete the tasks of that day

A quality roofing company may not offer each and every one of these aspects, but if they offer many of these services then you are sure to be working with professionals. Be sure to do your research and take your time before committing; your home will thank you for it.